the perfect


The Tierschutzverein München e.V. (Munich Animal Protection Association), shares the same challenges as many shelters globally. The biggest: Trying to find the perfect match for a suitable home.


Nothing ties people together like music, but what about animals? A study from the University of Glasgow shows that dogs have their individual taste in music too – just like people. We were inspired by seeing whether we could use the match of music taste to that of pets.  


By teaming up with the music streaming service Spotify to create “Adoptify” we matched shelter dogs with potential owners based on their musical taste. How? While users were listening to their favourite music on Spotify, video banners suggested them dogs whose taste in music matched their own. Within one week, all featured dogs were adopted. Animal shelters between Berlin and Bogota want to adapt the campaign. Adoptify created so much buzz that shelter dogs all over the world have better chances to find a new home.

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