FLIX it!


Anyone who commutes by rail in Germany and Sweden are rarely aware of FlixTrain and its connections due to large competitive monopolies Deutsche Bahn and SJ.


Consumers are becoming more conscious of their mode of transport looking for greener ways to get from A-B in comfort, not having to worry about not having a seat and not paying an arm and a leg.


To support the notion of saying “F*ck It” to exuberant prices, we said Flix It and produced a series of short TV commercials to launch FlixTrain in the respective countries, highlighting the striking benefits that FlixTrain provides and giving it a “big brand feel”.

Adding to the efforts of being a challenger brand, the brand also had ATL communications during the 48-hour nation-wide train manifestations by Deutsche Bahn in 2021, elevating the new player being in town.

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